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My Lake Map

My Lake Map is a social service which allows you to schedule your fishing and diving pleasure. The most popular Lithuanian lakes depth maps now right in your smart phone!


Full circle web service development and application design

Neat lake thematic website and application design

Custom CMS system allows to control user and admin content

Integration of Google Maps services and their extension

Messenger, like and sharing systems are implemented

Paypal and Paysera payment systems have being integrated

Fresh and unique error message pages

User and admin maps management

Unique credits and map rent system

We’ve provided client with full development of web service and application design. They can communicate with each other and improve fishing/diving experience with digital knowledge. System was built on Laravel framework with custom CMS and site structure. We’ve built social functions such as messenger, photo exchange, like and sharing logic inside web service.
Site should become a platform where user can download manage lake maps and plan outdoor activities with friends. Web service should be connected with mobile app where user can download a map and make photos.

Mobile App

Desktop version