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Compensa Life

Full-scale CRM system for our partner – Compensa Insurance Group that helps to automate and simplify insurances processing for agents worldwide.


Complex UX

Multi-level localisation system

Mobile Responsive

Multifunctional PDF generator

Cross platform business automation tool

Account management

Advanced search implementation

Intuitive interface

Bitsens hosted a series of sessions with Compensa managers to understand key pitfalls and bottlenecks of existing process and to prepare the most convenient solution to it. As a result, we have developed a complete multifunctional web application with a fully responsible mobile version using .NET and Angular JS technologies.

The system allows Compensa team create and process insurance requests, run investment assessments, easily manage insured, payment and financial information and keep it structured in one place. The processing time of policies has significantly decreased, as well as the number of actions that should be performed by the insurance agent which, in turn, has led to increased productivity and increased profitability.

Desktop version