The augmented reality — what is it? How does one of the main directions of digital technologies development work and what opportunities does it open? If you’ve ever asked these questions and never received the answer — we are going to please you as you’ve finally got what you’ve been looking for!

You might think the augmented reality is the technology of the future, however its roots go to the 20th century. Morton Heilig, who deserves to be the father of the virtual reality, patented his first virtual Simulator on the 28th of August, 1962, which was called “experience theatre”. The idea of creating an additional part of information over the real world was developing and strengthening with the time being. It was mainly due to the proliferation of smartphones.

Modern technologies make it possible to read the image of surrounding reality using cameras of mobile devices, while special programs process the real image and supplement it with a three-dimensional virtual one in order to improve perception of information. Now there is a large number of software for mobile devices allowing to receive necessary information about the environment by means of the augmented reality. Specialists predict, around 2.5 billion mobile applications with technology of the augmented reality will be downloaded in 2017. In order to show you possibilities which are opened to us by new technologies, we start a series of articles in which we are going to tell you how the augmented reality will improve our life.

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