The presentation looks like a Partnership Offer and is aimed at attracting sponsors for the company’s upcoming events. And over again, we have approached the task in a very specific and non-trivial way!

Bitsens team has long established itself in the market of digital-technology, mainly due to our ability to carry out diverse projects. This time, our goal was to create an editable PowerPoint B2B presentation of the Wargaming League project, which is aimed to attract potential sponsors for future events. The presentation describes the most important company’s achievements over the past few years, and provides comprehensive information about upcoming events. In spite of the fact that the presentation contains a large number of charts, graphs and tables, our developers have managed to combine skillfully all these elements by creating modern infographics. A unique presentation design perfectly fits this truly stunning masterpiece!

So, while creating the presentation, we have coped with one of the toughest challenges. We had to present information on the project so that the presentation structure stayed logical and, at the same time, clear for a wide range of readers. To achieve this goal, the Bitsens team first structured much data, and then integrated the infographics. Eventually, it has ensured a high quality of our work!

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