After a successful launch of the Augmented Reality project – table game „Zlobsters“, yet again we are taking a journey to another innovation – neuromarketing research.

Imagine, today when selecting design or logo from a number of available selections, we rely on the experienced choice of the art director or the client, the choice of the focus group at last. In other words, while selecting the visual row, marketing relies on other people`s tastes. Nevertheless, it is the taste of experts, it still stays someones opinion, not objective marketing information. These circumstances reminds a rain-dance or guesswork, rather than a scientific approach. With the help of neuromarketing technology research we can detect the physiological reaction of your brain influenced by the visual product (sample, packaging, video and etc.). We are talking about a major shift within the marketing research. From now on it is possible to highlight the good / bad moments of the product or packaging by positive / negative impulses that react in your brain. It allows to create a perfect working product, making a 100% definite choice between the current reality and the latest trends. How to establish if the packaging is working? How to identify that this exact web design will bring high turnover of users and attract maximum amount of users? These are the questions we are working with. In the next article we will share our achievements in neuromarketing research and describe its technologies and combinations: Facial Expressions, EEG, Eye Tracking, Software.

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