We are glad to announce we entered the honorary list “10+ Best IoT App Development Companies Across the World” by Digital Magazine.

David Watson, the author of the article, describes “Internet of things” as the most up-and-coming technology that has a strong influence on the standards of every business, transforms the world and changing the way products and services are delivered to the end-user today. IoT is a dynamically developing technology which covers all areas – from business and administration to household things. It is certain, that IoT will conquer and entirely change the world that we know now into even more convenient and fast reality in the next 10 years.

However, we have already become experts in this field and successfully apply IoT technology at our company. At Bitsens we design user-friendly applications and functional software that will bring any IoT idea to life. Most objects can be controlled remotely on your device, and we develop and provide the opportunity to interact with an intuitively understandable application for such purposes. It’s a great honour and success for us to be known as IoT App Development company and to be directly involved in the promotion of this technology.

Read full article here.

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