We were happy to cooperate with a well-known branding agency called Influence Branding Agency. Working together, we have managed to create a unique website design almost “from scratch” and fill it with quality content!

The Bitsens team in collaboration with Influence Branding Agency have launched the official website of the “Bloom” kindergarten. The latter is located in the Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia, and it mainly determined the direction of our activity.

As is known, the Arabic script is read from right to left, so it required certain website optimisation for Arabic-speaking users. In view of this, the website has been designed in such a way so as to be correctly displayed not only in English, but also in Arabic.

As for design, the Bitsens team has opted for a smooth CSS animation featuring branded characters and illustrations from the customer style guide. Due to this, the site content has become extremely interactive, and viewing the website is so much fun now!

What is more, our developers have created a qualitatively new, more convenient website structure, as well as designed its clickable prototype and carried out a full cycle of front-end and back-end development. The site has been successfully tested and is now fully prepared! Rate it by clicking on the link.

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