You won’t need to look for a certain turn on the map — an application with the technology of the augmented reality based on where you are and what you see before yourself, adapts (navigates the terrain) and directs you to the point of destination. Such applications do exist already!

Here are some of them: HERE City Lens Localscope and many others.

There are other opportunities of mobile applications with the technology of the augmented reality. For example, every day theatrical-musical clock Glockenspiel in Munchen show a fifteen-minute performance which one can enjoy at 11 a.m. But what can be done if you have no possibility to see it? The Metaio company has developed an application which virtually recreates the theatrical-musical representation. All that has to be done is to direct your smartphone to the Glockenspiel at any time. This technology can also be used, for example, to see the illumination of the Eiffel Tower during holidays.

One more opportunity to explore your city or absolutely new one is 3D cards which will show you how the city looked like in this or that historical period. It became possible thanks to the technologies which define your location by means of geolocation and apply a virtual layer on the image broadcasted by the smartphone camera. Walking on the Broadway you can see horse crews standing in front of old-fashioned salons. Living in New York and walking in the downtown you can see a wall in honor of which one of the best-known streets, the Wall street, was called, carriages and a little shoe shop at the corner. It’s like travelling through the time.

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