This time we had an opportunity to cooperate with Tutti – the largest Switzerland’s online marketplace for all kinds of used items.

The purpose of the spring campaign was to attract new users and increase brand awareness in Central Europe. For that we have developed YouTube promo bumpers and printed advertisement such as leaflets and tram cardboards. The advertisement mainly focuses on the favourable ratio of price and quality of goods and shows benefits from the purchase. In general, our team has provided 9 motion design videos, 16 small prints, that can be used as leaflets, and 10 cardboards or tram posters. Each promo bumper and printed element of advertisement represents different items that can be purchased on the website on blue, red and green Tutti’s unique brand colors background. Our digital marketing production services have accepted quite difficult challenge and prepared complete set of assets in a very short time. The completed project and the speed of its implementation was highly appreciated by our client and their feedback was extremely positive.

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