We are glad to tell you that recently the Bitsens team has developed a unique mobile application that allows you to predict the results of UEFA EURO 2016 football matches.

The application has been released on several media platforms at once – at first, as a supplement to the official website of the Championship, and then as a full-fledged mobile application optimized for iOS and Android platforms. As usual, we have relied on convenience and minimalism – the application has a simple, easy-to-use interface and has been designed in accordance with the UEFA official style and guideline. The professional team of Bitsens specialists has created the front-end part for the application’s web version and successfully carried out a complete cycle of mobile app development.

It is worth noting that the project has been implemented within the shortest possible time – the start of the project was assigned 2 months before the official opening of the UEFA 2016. Despite this, we have met the deadline. The results of UEFA EURO 2016 matches are available at the following link. At the moment, we are developing a similar product for the UEFA Champions League and soon we will inform you about its official release.

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