We are pleased to announce the release of the official website for the international company Navitus LT. When it comes to the efficient use of energy resources, clients turn to the Navitus LT experts. Such a successful company needs a modern website, as well as its own unique corporate identity. And we tackled this issue seriously.

The Bitsens team has implemented a complete rebranding of the Elgama Sistemos company. First of all, the former name Elgama Sistemos has been replaced by a more laconic and presentable one, that is Navitus LT. Naming the company, we have focused mainly on euphony and semantic line. “Navitus” in Latin means “energy”, whereas the combination of “LT” in the title refers to the geographical location and the company’s origin.

Moreover, Bitsens has created a completely new logo, combining a confident and expressive style and some stern features. The corporate identity has become quite up-to-date and sustained – it emphasizes the high level of professionalism and the quality of Navitus LT services. With its responsive design, created “from scratch” and based on smooth animation, the website interface has become very convenient to view. For sure, the internal component has also been changed. We have introduced the most convenient content management system (CMS) – editing the content in different languages and uploading photos have never been so easy! Nothing will go unnoticed – apart from the updated catalog of products, we have successfully integrated searching, filtering and sorting by the Navitus LT hardware and software. Explore the website.

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