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Is a World of Warships Promo App with Augmented reality technology which helps you discover real ships in the real world. Bitsens provides full development cycle for PortUp Project.


UX and UI Design

IOS/ Android App development (Unity technology)

Augmented reality App

Back-end Server Development

UX/Ui design for Promo Web

Email Newsletter design and development

Icon design

Promo Graphic Assets Creation

Promo Animation Creation

Bitsens developed mobile App with augmented reality technology for World Of Warships. Finally legendary online game gave opportunity to there users to discover the Real ships in Real World. Augmented reality app is built on Unity3D platform, what allows to use app on both iOS and Android devices. Promo App is aimed on very wide target audience, so it has Deep Social Integration: Login with 5 social networks, multilingual support, ability to collect analytical data and even dynamic progress bar for all users who take a part in Promo Contest.

Bitsens not just developed mobile app on IOS and Android Platforms but also provided the customer with all promo materials needed for the product: email newsletter, promo animation, icon app design and web design for promo page. The App had very high QA requirements and was optimised to work correctly on old and low devices.

Mobile Application

Promo Website

Promo Video