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Want3D - is a brand new landing page for upcoming certified Concept Laser 3D printers provider in Lithuania. Apart from web-design and web development we redesigned a logotype for the company.


Responsive landing page

Well crafted navigation logic

Logo redesign

Excellent site work and look on various mobile devices

E-mail notifications, smooth transitions and JS animations

Video background

Very high QA requirements

Multilanguage site

We’ve provided client with landing page development. Site allows not only presenting and promoting company products, but creates a unique brand positioning. It’s driven by chosen color pallet, minimalistic design and neat shapes of site elements.
Website is fully responsive and has a perfect look and work on all major browsers and mobile devices. Site has contemporary design, smooth animations and well crafted navigation logic. Apart from that site is very easy to administrate and translate. Admin is able not only to change content itself, but also can manipulate element positions and icons.


Desktop version