A brandbook with logotype and brand identity for toy line Just Cool was developed by Bitsens in order to create their visual character and future design packaging.


Just Cool, a newly established brand, was eager to form its vision and find a unique appearance. The company representatives have turned to Bitsens with a brief and a title to design a new brand.

Just Cool is a line which revives well-known toys from our childhood. Bitsens was challenged to come up with a cheerful and bright identity that catches child’s and adult’s eyes. After a briefing session and careful consideration of gathered information, our lead designer has dived into the project. In the end, we provided a Just Cool team with a brandbook which presents new visual identity and explains brand standards. Thus, Cool Cat was chosen as the main character which reflects popularity, dynamics and coolness. Along with it, the brandbook contains essential recommendations on font and style inscriptions as well as color spectrum.

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