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Is a mobile app that lets the user ask questions and get answers to the most important questions for themselves and for their community. Apart from the user experience, the user interface design and mobile development Bitsens designed the logotype for this mobile app.


iOS App development

Back end development

Social networking functions development

User profile

Friend list

UX Interactive prototype

User Interface development

Logo Design

Icon Design

Bitsens is glad to have provided a full development circle for the Qwery Start Up. This mobile App has almost all possible social networking functions like: Friends list, Feed, User profile, ability to post, like, comment, to answer a question from the feed, to flag a post as Inappropriate and many others.

But it has not only functions, this mobile app has a unique user interface design that will impress each and every actual mobile user. We designed and developed an amazing social networking mobile app in tiny terms and with a moderate budget. We wish it to become a fast growing company and raise the best audience in the world in the same terms as we developed this app together!


User Interface