AutoGate CRM is an online tool for real-time business processes and transport management developed specially for transport companies.

Our expertise in the project

  • Fresh business oriented design
  • Graphs, tables and complex statistic functionality
  • High level of data security including encryption and backup functionality
  • Clear and effective design solution
  • Mobile applications with data transfer protocol and message system for drivers
  • Optimization of internal and external business processes
  • Flexible management system of users and resources, contractors, documents, finances, cargos etc.

We developed unique ERP system and mobile application which improves transport company performance and implements innovative relationship management trends. Clean and user friendly interface boosts efficiency of both internal and external business processes. Kean architecture gives opportunity to work with the system from anywhere securely.
Clean and user friendly design which makes complex management and inner business processes clear. System should be highly secure to prevent data leak and must have backup functionality to improve stability.
ERP system should continually improve transport company performance, ameliorate it’s efficiency and ensure service which bear innovations in relationship management. Alongside the web part, mobile application should be developed. It should allow data transfer, communication and status updates between drivers and managers.