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World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a landing page for the most popular MMO-action game from leading online game developer. Our task in this project was to create an effective turnkey landing page what includes: visual design, HTML/CSS programming and adaptation of project landing page for WordPress CMS.


Development and Implementation of unique navigation elements

High level of visual and technical requirements

Huge number of devices and browser support

Swipe functionality and perfect usability on mobile devices

Very high level of quality assurance

Promo video, custom menu, galleries and social plug-in functionality

Unique responsive design

We've created an exclusive and efficient landing page, which extends World of Tanks universe and attracts new playes. Project was split into following stages: visual design, HTML/CSS coding, code adaptation for WordPress CMS, custom extension of content management system.

Site has unique responsive visual design and works correct on any device and browser, including Nokia Lumia, IE8 and Opera 12.16. Also some other functions such as promo video, various galleries and social plug-in were implemented.

Desktop version

Mobile version