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Is an multi-platform mobile application which allows you to control your car by smartphone. Geo location, run / kill engine, doors automation, temperature control, hit and slope movements detection and many more features.


Multi-platform application built on C++, C# and Java.

Optimized memory card space and energy consumption

Perfect usability

Dynamic visual feedback of all elements

Server and car hardware integration

Unique solution connects end user smartphone with application servers and car hardware. Application works on various platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows RT.
Qualified multi-platform application allows user to perform complex distant actions with car and automate lots of functions: geolocation tracking and map routes, remote run/kill engine, doors and trunk open/close status, automatic reporting of evacuation, break-in or crash and many other. Apart from that application has optimized energy and memory consumption.
Applications developed on C++, C# and Java.

User Interface