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Establishing a brand and omnichannel experience for Balux pharma logistics.



Vehicle Branding

Visual Navigation System

Dynamic Identity

Brand Guidlines

Corporate Stationary

Balux is a pharma logistics company with a very flexible approach to their services provision and great attention to customers needs. Accuracy, adaptability and reliability are main values of Balux.

Bitsens worked together with the team at Balux to define strategy aligned with the brand’s culture and ambitions. After a thorough research of logistics sector, Bitsens created brand personality that reflects company aesthetics and point of view on the quality logistics.

From identity and messaging to a full brand book and web presence – all elements harmoniously work together and complement each other. Along with that Bitsens developed full corporate packaging including branding of vehicles with infographic system that regulates the work with sensitive loads.

Logotype & Brandbook