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Dream Makers

A corporate site for largest manufacturer of plush toys and one of the major toy distributor in CIS and Baltic states.


Correct display and work on all major browsers: IE9/10, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Support of mobile operation systems such as iOS, Android and Windows

Swipe functionality and perfect operation of the site on mobile devices

Flexible ability to administrate site through the CMS

User friendly and business oriented page

Counter, galleries and customized map plug-in functionality

Fresh and clean responsive design

We’ve developed clean minimalistic responsive web page, which corresponds to corporate identity. HTML/CSS code developed and adapted to WordPress CMS.
Minimalistic responsive visual design, which underlines corporate identity and strengthens communication with partners, had to look perfect and work smooth on 4 different screen resolutions. Also some other functions such as various galleries, map plug-in and unique counter featuring amount of employees, offices, warehouses and clients for each country had to be implemented.

User interface

About page

Production page

Distribution page