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Mobile marketplace with a unique approach to interaction between users and service providers. Kpolza application suggests gamification mechanics what positively affects users engagement and increases amount of time spent within the application.


Gamification Mechanics

Full-scale back-end system

Payment Tools Integration

Various Analytic Tools

Clean & User Friendly Interface

Referral system

Bitsens developed a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms using native technologies. Various payment tools like GSM and credit card were integrated to the application that allows users to make "one-click" purchases. Together with the app, we've also developed web admin panel for Kpolza team and brands. Brand’s representatives can autonomously operate campaigns, manage partners profiles, and track user activity.

We have also integrated a range of marketing and analytics tools that make it possible for Kpolza team to get insights on the product usage, and to build sustainable relationships with the audience by running acquisition and re-engagment activities.

User Interface